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Did you know that we have a training program for low-income people?

Everything starts with a first step. An opportunity.

About the case

Our mission

Kunla mission is to help low-income people change their lives through training and breaking into the job market.

Our training

We have a free training program for low-income people, in which we offer courses in the technology field (with a course certificate) for people who have an interest in breaking into this market.

Our formation
About the case

How we idealize

The resources for scholarships come from each professional hired through the mapping of professionals that Kunla performs, that is, the more professionals are hired, the more students we will be trained!

You can help us!

Spread Kunla! The more you help us to spread, the more Kunla and our training program will grow.

You can help us
Are you interested in taking the course?

Are you interested
in taking the course?

Do you want to work in technology and don't know where to start?
Are you willing to learn and devote your time to make a change in your life?

I want to take the training!